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White Ice

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White Ice is a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of high-quality packaged ice to businesses and consumers in New York City and Nassau county since 2005.

Our water filtration process takes regular city water and transforms it into purified water. The purified water is initially filtered through carbon filters and is then processed through water softeners.

Then it goes under the structured freezing process to create either the ice blocks and cubes you can enjoy.

In May 2005, White Ice was funded under the direction of its CEO Jimmy Cortez. 
White Ice was created due to different market and personal needs. The company started its commercial operations as an authorized distributor for South Shore Ice Co. 
Jimmy's continuous hard work helped White Ice establish a place in the ice market. Although in the
beginning, the company was not well recognized, Jimmy was. Before founding White Ice, he
had 15 years of experience in the market, making a name for himself due to his hard work
and excellent customer service. On April 2010, White Ice changed direction and focus, and
became The White Iceberg Corp. Its primary goal was to become a market's
price-competitive ice maker, finally achieving that dream in the summer of 2017. The White
Iceberg Corp
is a family owned small ice business integrated by 85% family members,
which has helped the company strengthen its commitment to offer a better quality product
and a better market price. 
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Our Business Process









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Our Quality Guarantee


The White Iceberg Corp's mission is to serve and satisfy our customers with their commercial ice needs. For such, we focus on a high quality product and superior service. The White Iceberg Corp offers its services to Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Long Island, 7 days a week in the summer time, and from Monday to Saturday in the Winter time. 
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